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Tierra hace la comida bien. Todas las mañanas, nuestras frutas, verduras y carnes frescas de origen local llegan a Tierra desde las granjas y campos de los alrededores. Estos son los ingredientes que utilizamos para preparar nuestra comida real, auténtica y saludable ante tus ojos: burritos, cuencos de burritos desnudos, nachos y mucho más. Trabajando junto a ti desde nuestra cocina abierta, los eficientes y amables camareros de Tierra te ayudarán a personalizar tu plato con nuestro surtido de sabores y aderezos. No olvides acompañar tu comida con nuestra margarita casera o una cerveza artesanal de nuestra nevera. Disfruta de la comida bien hecha. Disfruta de Tierra.

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En Las Taquerias de Birra somos pioneros en la introducción de la comida mexicana en Madrid.Abrimos nuestro primer restaurante en 1989, en la Plaza de las Comendadoras con gran éxito y unos años más tarde, en 1993, inauguramos nuestro segundo restaurante situado en el famoso barrio de La Latina.Nuestras instalaciones están decoradas con un auténtico y tradicional estilo centroamericano. Ambos locales están decorados con fotografías, objetos y música del propio México, para crear un ambiente único y hacerte sentir como si estuvieras en el país azteca.Su característico ambiente y el servicio rápido y eficaz hacen de Las Taquerías de Birra el lugar ideal para pasar una comida, una tarde o una cena con amigos y disfrutar de la mejor compañía.En Las Taquerías de Birra no sólo ofrecemos la más sabrosa comida mexicana. ¡También organizamos todo tipo de celebraciones y ofrecemos los mejores cócteles a base de tequilas y mezcales al más puro estilo mexicano, para crear una experiencia plenamente satisfactoria para nuestros clientes.Ven a conocernos!

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The tacos and micheladas never fail either: generous, tasty, slow-cooked. A word of warning: it fills up quickly. If you arrive at dinnertime, expect a line for almost an hour. But when you finally find a place to sit down, both the food and the ambience will transport you to an authentic Mexican taqueria with dim lighting and decorations of typical Mexican products. When you finish your meal, wash it down with one of their many mezcals. Be careful, they are only open for the moment on Saturday and Sunday from 12 noonRead morePhoto: @MONEO.MONEOOXuba TacosChef Antonio Sáez -who with Berasategui won Lasarte’s first two Michelin awards- has opened a taqueria with a friend of his from Puebla, Raul Salcido. And the place is as minimalist -it looks like a mutual waiting room, although reservations are welcome- as the cuisine is spectacular. They have a machine that makes tortillas right under your nose.

They have prepared a menu with traditional Mexican tacos -how good al pastor! – and a section with their own recipe, hedonistic and of maximum product that is to take off your hat. The one with rossini sirloin steak – beef, grilled foie gras, truffle sauce and lightened with a pinch of kale – is magnificent, as is the one with pork cheeks stewed with mole.Read moreAdvertisingPhoto: Taco Alto Taco Alto UniversitatAntonio Luna – Mexican from Mexico City – is one of the four partners of Taco Alto (four taquerias opened in 2015) and explains that the great challenge «is to maintain the regularity and the slow cooking rhythm». Maybe you’ll eat four tacos in fifteen minutes, but some stews require four hours, and standing in line at the cash register you’ll feel the crackling of the grilled meat (no pot, abundant stuffing). For ten euros, you can have four tacos of ‘cochinita pibil’ (1.90 each, excellent) and a drink. Or the Pirata (2,50 €): grilled beef with melted cheese and a thick slice of avocado: primitive and effective flavor that sticks in your brain. Everything is made from scratch, including the taco sauces, which are numbered from spiciest to least spicy.

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Indiano’s heart is green, fresh, sensual. And it is full of nostalgia for this aphrodisiac dish. And, after all, nostalgia is the ingredient that unites us all. Served with warm nachos.

In the universe of tacos, the taco al pastor is the most popular, a national taco in which all of Mexico recognizes itself. The taco is a perfect dish, composed of a trilogy of ingredients. Indiano brings its particular version from Mexico.

On the beaches of Baja California, this delicacy is served with fresh shrimp mixed with squid ink, a sea concentrate that transports us to Sinaloa, where this dish was born.Allergens: Traces of dairy, soy, gluten.

On a trip to Michoacán, Indiano tried this beef marinated in lime and named it after the legendary Indians. A tropical, fresh and citrusy version of steak tartar. A balance between freshness, spiciness and acidity.

Indiano fell in love with Esquites, a Querétaro tradition and one of Mexico’s most popular street stews. This is a sea version, peaceful and sunny, a vision of Esquite with a fisherman’s eye. A craving.Allergens: Dairy, eggs, soy, gluten, mollusks, crustaceans, sulfites.